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Houses, Living Spaces and more — OH MY!

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

So story time…

Just about a year ago I started seriously hunting for a house. I figured.. hey, going on 29 and still living at home.
Not a good idea.
So I found this sweet little gem not too far from here thanks to my new-to-the-family-aunt. She’s bloody awesome in my book.
It’s a short sale, needs a couple thousand bucks in tiny shit done all over. But for less than thirty grand I could have a nice home.

A week ago, I get an email from my Realtor. The goddamn selling bank is playing games and won’t even approve the short sale. Go figure.

So here I sit firmly entrenched in square one.

Yesterday I go and look at this absolute TURD of a house. After leaving we stop at my aunt’s old place in Allen Park. Took a drive around the neighborhood
and found one that looked pretty nice from outside. Get info, talk to Realtor again and setup a visit today. Love the place. Minor problems but easily remedied.
Even better — It’s NOT a bloody short sale. But sadly twice the price.

Go figure. BUT! There’s more room, and its a better neighborhood.

So here we go again — Let’s see what comes of this one. Frankly I’m sick of the housing games. I need my own spot about 10 years ago now.