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Technology and its corruption…

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

I was listening to a song from 1969 by Zager and Evans this evening.  The lyrics kinda made me stop to think.  I don’t remember which year they quoted, so I will arbitrarily take one from the sky…

In the year 6565
Ain’t gonna need no husband, won’t need no wife
You’ll pick your son, pick your daughter too
From the bottom of a long glass tube

The song itself is full of ironies of similar, what may have been seen as grandiose ideas in ’69, but really aren’t that far fetched now.  How much has technology corrupted human nature?  No, more correctly, how much has human nature corrupted technology?  We drive cars because we’re too lazy to walk.  We ride scooters and segways because we can’t walk a mile.  I’m guilty of this — I’m not innocent of this.  I doubt anyone is except what we would consider a third world nation.  But is it ironic that despite disease and parasitic infections,  these third world nations have some of the longest living people on the face of this corrupt earth?  I’m not preaching against technology, but we are abusing it in such a way that we are literally killing ourselves due to relentless laziness.

Thirty years ago, trigonometry was taught to students at a college level.  Now we teach it to 16 year olds who are aided by a calculator and are too stupid to figure it out longhand or by looking it up in a damn book.  I read an article earlier today that kids working fast food jobs have to use a calculator because they can’t perform simple math.

How far we have come…and how far have we set ourselves back because of our inability to rely on mans greatest growth, the human brain?

Just food for thought…


Monday, August 15th, 2011

Yanno… I’ve just been playing around with Apache2, Mysql and PHP and decided.. I’m creating and hosting my own blog.  I already host half a dozen other websites, so I figured what the hell is one more on the load?  Especially with this fandangled new server I just slapped together.

System Specs as follows:

  • Intel i7-960 @ 3.2 GHz
  • 4 GByte Crucial Ballistix DDR3 @ 1600 MHz
  • EVGA NVidia GeForce 430 w/ 1GByte RAM
  • Asus Sabretooth X58
  • 3x 500 GByte Western Digital Green Drives
  • 2x 2 TByte Seagate Black Drives
  • 1x 250 Gbyte Seagate Black Drive
  • LG DVD Writer

Final price after rebates?  About $550.  I already had the hard drives and the memory on hand.  Otherwise, I can’t complain for a SERVER computer.

Anyway — I’m  at work and supposed to be doing stuff constructive for them on their dime, instead I administer my own system remotely.  Irony? Why I think yes!

EDIT: Oh yeah — over there is my random pieces of writing that I sometimes get the urge to crap out.  Have a gander.

Holy shit — Google buys Motorola Mobile???

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Holy shit —

The news that Google is buying Motorola mobile comes over an instant message with my boss a few hours ago.

My first thought?  MotoBlur is finally dying.

My second thought? Unlocked bootloaders perhaps?

But is it really a good thing? I mean.. Motorola was already too big for its britches.  Their customer support was on the fall, their product quality was dying.  Hardware wise, the Droids are solid phones.  Software?  Because of MotoBlur it’s ABYSMAL. This could be a good thing — Google finally has a good platform to launch their own branded smartphones, and Motorola would stop breaking an already fully functional operating system with Motooblur. Oh well… for further reading see